Your First Week in School - 5 Things a Student Must Do

2018-09-19 09:00

There is no second chance to first instances, doing the right things at the right time has always offered huge reward, to all new  students in our school and the world at large as well as old students , we have prepared for your digest five [5] things you must do on your first [1st] week in school. Take your time to read and the lessons will pay you real big.
01. Read and understand the school policies: 
New students should read while old students should take a review. Every school has an outlined rules and regulations governing the conduct of pupils and students; bridging of these rules would entail punishment which in must cases might be suspension or dismissal; knowing and adhering to these rules will help you abide to it, as well as save your name from getting enlisted in the school black book.

02. Know your syllabus:
Every academic session has a syllabus [outline of topics to be covered]. knowing your syllabus is the first step towards preparation for success. Thus i put it this way that all students are prepared - some for success and others for failure. (s)he who fails to prepare himself or herself to succeed in an academic session has prepared to fail. 

03. Create Detailed [Study] Plans
For a great academic performance, hard-work on studies is paramount. plan yourself and fix reading schedule that suit you most. do not let each day pass without making record of great study time. schedule all you need to read based on your syllabus, aim to cover all and map out revision time preceding your exam date.

04. Find an Aiding system:
you must understand the need for alternatives. find out extra [aid] materials that would help you understand most difficult subjects/ topics. find out for yourself study groups that would help clarify must topics or subjects you find difficult . have a system both human groups and materials that would facilitate your aim of success. 

5. Familiarize:
This is for new students in  school. Try to meet the old students and know them better, make new good friends and get yourself familiar with the environment and other amenities that the school have.

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