5-D Formula for Academic Success

2018-11-07 09:00

Your academic success  matters a lot, it is more than scaling through classes. Success should be the goal of every student who wish to achieve greatness. 
“Nothing good comes easy” and this is certain on the route to academic success. These 5-D formula will show you how to achieve outstanding academic success.

01. Desire: This  a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen; it is the door way to  academic success. The success  you want should saturate your wish and propel you strongly. 

02. Determination: Strong desire should spur your mind to a strong decision towards achievement. This include decision to study and live ready for any upcoming quiz, tests and examinations.

03. Discipline: Discipline is action or inaction that is regulated to be in accordance with a particular system and in this case the system of academic success. You must overlook your favorites (friends, hobbies, games ...) that may hinder you from achieving your goal of academic success. Discipline implies coming out of your comfort zone, saying  no to procrastination and sticking to this beautiful saying - “a stitch in time saves nine”.

04. Dedication: You must be committed to your plans and decisions,  Give completely the best you can (time, money, strength, resources etc) and strike your target of success

05. Diligent: This implies being constant in effort to accomplish something; being attentive and persistent in doing anything. a diligent student should  pursue with persevering attention; diligent is painstaking - even if all effort seems fruitless,never think defeat, never accept failure. keep keeping on, keep holding on  until your dream of success comes real.

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